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Woodlawn Middle

14939 Tiger Bend Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70817




Program Eligibility


Grades: A cumulative 2.50 grade point average (GPA) based on the last four (4) consecutive semesters

Test scores: Perform on a level of Basic or above on LEAP 2025 or the equivalent on a norm-referenced assessment in both ELA and math

Students enrolled in the program at Woodlawn Middle Academic Magnet will take all accelerated core subjects (math, English, social studies and science) together. Students will learn through a rigorous high school preparatory curriculum. Students will also have the opportunity to enroll in pre-Advanced Placement (AP) courses in English and math. Courses offered for high school credit include Algebra I, Geometry, Physical Science, Spanish I, ACT Prep, Keyboarding and Keyboarding Application, Journey to Careers, Media Arts and Orchestra. Students will also be offered a variety of enrichment activities such as specialized clubs including but not limited to robotics, culinary art, chess, coding, math counts, STEM, and world geography.

Students will be offered magnet electives including, but not limited to: robotics, forensics, and other STEM focused areas; which are designed to continue within the academic magnet program and may receive priority admission into the magnet component being implemented at Woodlawn High Academic Magnet.

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