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Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy

9147 Elm Grove Garden Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70807




Program Eligibility


Grades: A cumulative 2.50 grade point average (GPA) based on the last four (4) consecutive semesters

Test scores: Perform on a level of Basic or above on LEAP 2025 or the equivalent on a norm-referenced assessment in both ELA and math

Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy(SPEMA) is committed to preparing students for the 21st century infusing technology, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills.  We are fostering learning for each child with individualized instruction in anticipation of careers not even yet created for various fields primarily in technology and engineering.

At Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy, students will engage in experiences both in and out of the classroom that will prepare them to compete and succeed in today’s world.  With a strong focus on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math), students will participate in an inspiring and diverse curriculum with a dedicated faculty, collaborative classrooms, and high expectations.

Because every student is provided with a Chromebook, classes at SPEMA can explore new and innovative ways of experiencing content, interacting with classmates, and excelling on assessments. Using technological skills such as creating and editing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations equips students with practical experience in networking with others on collaborative projects.

In addition to core classes, SPEMA offers all students an expansive variety of electives.  Students with an interest in the arts can choose from classes such as art, choir, dance, and music, while students with a passion for science could learn about robotics, engineering, and game design.  These electives serve to enrich a student’s life by engaging their interests and connecting to their core classes.

Outside of the classroom, SPEMA encourages students to continue learning and exploring.  Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to enjoy enlightening field experiences that include college tours and community service work.   Students have even been able to participate in international trips to London, Greece, Paris, and England.  Beyond the classroom but more locally, SPEMA’s extracurricular activities such as basketball, football, dance, and cheerleading can teach students the value of dedication and teamwork.  

A magnet education from SPEMA will ensure priority enrollment in Scotlandville High and Baton Rouge Magnet High, both highly esteemed high schools in East Baton Rouge Parish School System.  Beyond that, students will be able to select from a wide variety of colleges and careers. 

Enrolling your child at Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Academy is the first step toward a promising future.

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