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Visual & Performing Art


Program Eligibility


None Required

Baton Rouge Center for Visual and Performing Arts (BRCVPA) promotes individual development academically, creatively, culturally, emotionally, socially and physically and is designed for students who demonstrate an aptitude and interest in a curriculum immersed with the visual and performing arts.

The integration of the arts throughout the curriculum reinforces academic skills by making connections for students which enhance their understanding. Our faculty's expertise in addressing and accommodating the individual needs of each child, and building on their strengths and aptitudes, provides opportunities for maximum growth and achievement.

Our students are afforded multiple opportunities to communicate and to succeed through the various art disciplines (art, dance, drama, vocal/instrumental music, and creative writing) which, through cross-disciplinary planning, reinforces the academic skills addressed in the classroom. The integration of the latest educational technology further extends understanding while motivating students to excel.

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