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Belaire High

12121 Tams Drive, Baton Rouge, LA 70815


Creative Sciences & Arts


Program Eligibility


None required

Creative Sciences and Arts Magnet provides a rigorous academic curriculum in a highly structured learning environment. The areas of study are innovative and driven by the thriving science and arts industry, which includes engineering, entertainment technology, animation, and coding. Each area of study is thematically interwoven into renewable energy.


The Engineering Program, a program wherein students learn the basic understanding of mathematics, emphasizes rational and critical thinking skills and challenges students to apply scientific principles to find practical solutions to technical problems. Students learn about behavior control, applications of robotic systems, and robotic programming. These young scientists become actively involved in activities that range from basic research to program integration.


Students in the Entertainment Technology Program learn about media production and the constructs of the music, film and video game industries. This discipline explores how the use of manufactured and created components are used to digitally enhance and/or make possible any sort of entertainment experience imaginable. Through animation, students acquire the knowledge and skills to create three-dimensional graphics and participate in learning activities designed to strengthen their knowledge in all components of design and its practical use. In addition, the coding component is a dynamic learning program that teaches students the basics of computer programming, the driving functions of websites, and the digital makeup of applications and robotic machinery.

Throughout all of Belaire Creative Sciences and Arts Magnet High School's programs, there is an intentional focus on students being college and career ready, as they are provided with the essential computer science fundamentals and skills that will prepare them to compete in global markets.

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