Tara's Cy-TECH Academy will be a developmental, rigorous 21st century technology model which promotes a 9-14 P-tech (Pathways in Technology) Early College High School curriculum that focuses on STEM engagement (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with a CYBER/program development focus. Students enrolled beginning the fall of the 2018-19 school year will commit to not only earning a high school diploma, but continuing the program for an additional  two years, tuition-free while earning an Associate Degree. This student-centered learning environment will be interfaced with both Common Core Standards, school-wide learning outcomes and CYBER/program development curriculum.

The structure of student coursework and program requirements include a pre-Summer Bridge Program , six-week course that prepares entering students before the ninth grade year that includes ACT preparation specific to math and English, entry-level computer programming skills, software development, etc.  The Summer Bridge Program will continue each support to continually provide foundational support to prepare students for the rigor of the dual credit coursework. As the early college program is a pathway to acquiring an internship with the partnering IBM company, students will also take a Freshman Success type course that outlines necessary “soft” skills for the workforce, including but not limited to: resume preparation, interviewing skills, and professional attire and etiquette in the workplace.  During the third year of the 9-14 model, students can begin interviewing for internships with IBM.


Selection Criteria:  Students must apply for the program during the application period as outlined by the District for initially accepting applicants. Thereafter, interested applicants must apply during the general application period as outlined for other Magnet Programs.  In order to be considered for the program, students must:

  1. Be on grade-level

  2. Complete an interest survey

  3. Participate in a parent/guardian interview

  4. Agree to be mentored by a pre-selected advisor

  5. Commit to the summer bridge programs